The Value of a photograph

Advertising costs, this is true of any business, you know that to bring in the sales you will have to invest. Photography needs to be looked at as intrinsically part of your advertising campaign.

Image creation is a skilful time consuming and labour intensive process and time is money.

Are you the sort of person who spends thousands on stock then takes a sample into the office to take a photo with your phone in a pop up soft box or do you use the photos your supplier provided along with all your other competitors?

I have quoted this before but it is worth repeating “In Etsy’s buyer surveys, 90% of shoppers said the quality of the photos were “extremely important” or “very important” to a purchase decision”.

If you contact a photographer and are discussing the images you need ,what would you say if he asks “What is the budget for this shoot?”

Plan ahead, if the photograph can bring in 5 or 10% extra sales what would that be worth to the company?

Remember the photographer is running a business as well and they have overheads to cover the same as you.