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Creating a White background

When creating images for e-commerce weather it is for Amazon, Ebay or your website isolating your product on a white background is a must, but how do you get your background white.

There are many ways to do this but this is one I use.

First we create a background. What we need is what photographers call a sweep which is simply a white sheet (could be a piece of paper or a PVC background) this is fixed at the top so that it curves down to the surface under where you will place the product.

Now we need to place a light above your set so that it lights your background evenly (a softbox or if your product is small you can use an anglepoise lamp with a daylight bulb), place something like a piece of tracing paper or a proper diffuser between the light and the set to spread the light out and make it more even.

Take a picture of your background and check that it is pure white if it is then you can now place your product onto the set, you may need to add another light to make properly expose your product but that is the subject for a different discussion.