Avoiding Bad reviews on Amazon, ETSI or EBAY.

Unfortunately bad reviews are unavoidable, there are some people who will complain about anything, but there are ways to reduce the number you receive.

Using your images to convey an accurate impression of what your product looks like, its size and how to use it is one way. 22% of ETSY returns were by people who say the item they received did not match the photo.

Images help your customer because they summarise complicated information in an appealing, easily digestible format. Keep in mind that 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual. This is why pictures are used so successfully in all forms of marketing.

When a customer clicks on your listing they may only spend a short time looking before buying or moving on. I have seen so many posts online where sellers complain that the customer has complained about… but “it clearly says it in the description”.

If you tell a customer that it is 10cm or 4” long they may have trouble visualising but if you show someone holding it in their hand they can immediately relate to it.

The point is with a picture, you can convey so much more information than you can with words.

Of course your description should be as accurate and as concise as possible, Nobody wants to read an essay. That is why I try to keep these tips short.

If you don’t use great product photographs you’re missing a big opportunity to connect with your customers. When you look at six paragraphs of text with no pictures, what are the chances you’ll actually sit down to read it?